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GI Manometry Catheters 
Malvern Medical Developments manufacture an extensive range of water perfused oesophageal and anorectal catheters for manometry.  
We supply our products to countries throughout the world and are able to manufacture in various sizes and quantities to suit your requirements. 
Manufactured with medical grade PVC tubing, Malvern Medical Developments Ltd have the ability to manufacture and supply an extensive range of single use, non-sterile, multi-lumen catheters to meet individual requirements.  
Each multi-lumen catheter is presented with radiopaque markers to easily identify leads and avoid confusion.  
For oesophageal manometry, we can produce a soft catheter made with softer tube, providing major benefits for the patient and user. 
Tube diameter: 2.3mm to 4.9mm 
Number of lumens: from 3 to 25 
Tube diameter: 2.3mm to 4.9mm 
Balloon volume: Up to 1000ml (latex free) 
Number of lumens: from 3 to 11 
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